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 Anyone want to write a Tudor's story with me...??

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Lord James of York

Lord James of York

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Anyone want to write a Tudor's story with me...?? Empty
PostSubject: Anyone want to write a Tudor's story with me...??   Anyone want to write a Tudor's story with me...?? I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 3:29 am

Anyone want to write a Tudor's story with me...?? I have bits and bobs

For example, this small bit of Elizabeth losing her temper when her son doesn't seem bothered about her husband, Robert Dudley's death

It is below

"Your Majesties?" Elizabeth and Edward looked up, Edward from his desk, and Elizabeth from the chair, near the desk, where she was reading a latter. Stood in front of them was Henry Dudley, Elizabeth's eldest son.

"Do you know, my husband and your father, the Earl of Leicester is dead?" Elizabeth asked her son

"Yes, mother, My younger brother, Edward told me earlier" he replied, his voice sounded joyful, that was the last straw for Elizabeth, her face contorted from a look of sadness, to one of rage

"IIIINNNNGGGGGRRRRAAATTTTEEEEE!!!!!" Elizabeth exploded, grabbing one of the paperweights on the desk and tossing it, hard, in a fit of rage, towards her son, who ducked, scarpering for the door, not even the warning cry of "ELIZABETH!" from Edward, who had jumped to his feet, could stop her. She rose from her chair, her long, red hair billowing down her back, her eyes flashing with anger and disgust, her crown clattered to the floor "OUT!!!" She roared, her son slipped, in fear of Elizabeth, and attempted to grope for the door handle. Edward had reached Elizabeth and had grabbed her shoulders "Elizabeth! Remember who's presence you're in!" Elizabeth exploded again, completely ignoring her younger half-brother, and King "GET OUT!!!" Her son finally reached the door, and darted out of it. She slammed it shut behind him, and fell, to her knees, sobbing in front of the door, while Edward crouched down hext to ner and put his arm around her, whispering words of comfort in her ear. In public this would be something completely unbefitting a king would refrain from doing, but Elizabeth was his only living half-sister, and they were in private. He felt her body shake as sobs racked her body. God how he felt sorry for her, after 31 years of blissful marriage she and her husband had been parted. Edward assumed she'd never marry again. He didn't blame her, after his first wife, Jane, had died, he'd never thought of remarrying, until Laetitia took his interest, Laetitia, oh, how he missed her, and her sister, both of them were dead now, one drowned, one from childbed fever.

I also have a scene with Marie's children
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Anyone want to write a Tudor's story with me...??
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